What is Autointelli IIOT ?

Autointelli, an Artificial Intelligence Company, is very noticeable due to its phenomenal mixture of Artificial Intelligence Systems and specialist staff. These unique combinations bring a technological Breakthrough solutions and services to market that transform business models.

Autointelli IIOT is an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Solution Provider delivering Complete hardware and software solutions that collect data From machines and sensors, and use analytics and machine learning to Identify inefficiencies and offer operational actions.

Autointelli IIOT helps companies leverage the following to their Advantage

1Automatic real time data collection and transmission

2Monitor anytime and anywhere easily.

3 Increase productivity and uptime.

4Improve process efficiencies.

5Accelerate innovation.

6Reduce asset downtime.

7Enhance operational efficiency.

8Create end-to-end operational visibility.

9Improve product quality.

10Reduce operating costs.

Autointelli IIOT Architecture

auto intelli IIOT Architecture

IIoT and the digital Transformation opportunity

The manufacturing sector is no stranger to change. Over the course of three Industrial revolutions, companies have relied on everything from water and steam to electricity and information technology to power their operations, provide services and make products.

Industry 4.0 or Industrial Internet of Things is context of Smart Manufacturing . It uses cutting edge technology like cloud computer , big data , analytics , Smart Sensor devices to commute , collect , Analyse and use information to drive further intelligence back in the physical world.

The Industrial Internet of Things has limitless potential . Beyond operational cost savings and Productivity gains .it will be the foundation of innovation - new smart products and services.

With the IIOT, Manufactures can unleash their vision :

Optimize machine reliability and production

Improve product quality and reduce wait-times for quality checks

Launch connected products and drive usage based business model

Mitigate skilled labour shortages / Reduce business risks

Sensor Hub


Water Quality, Soil Moisture, leaf wetness, pH or other water quality factors, Chemicals, Particulates, Gases, Wind Speed / Direction, Hydraulic Pressure, CO, H2S, SO2, NO2, Cl2, H2, PM 2.5, Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulphide, Linear Position, Vibration, PT100

GPS IIoT Sensor :

The device determines the position (latitude & longitude coordinates) of the receiver, its speed, and the current time.

Ultra-versatile Sensor :

Used to monitor gases like O3 / Ozone, NO2 / Nitrogen Dioxide, SO2 / Sulphur Dioxide, and H2S / Hydrogen Sulphide

Mateo Sensor :

Ambient Temperature , Relative Humidity , Barometric Pressure

Light Sensor :

Monitor, record, and alert on ambient light levels / lux / lumens

VOC Sensor :

alcohols, aldehydes, aliphatic hydro-carbons, amines, aromatic hydro-carbons (e.g. Gasoline vapours), carbon oxides, methane, LPG, ketenes, and organic acids

Watt Sensor :

This sensor device is a digital watt-meter allowing you to monitor the power consumption of an electrical device. Its works with both AC and DC currents.

PWM - Rx sensors :

Monitors counts / ticks / spins from sensors like water flow meters made by Micrometer, Foxboro, Seametrics, or EKM Metering.

Voltage Sensor:

This sensor device is a digital USB voltmeter that allows you to measure voltage automatically. It can provide quite precise digital measures for low DC voltage (0.01 Volt precision), and also works for higher voltage including AC, up to 250V (RMS), with a precision of 3%.

Thermocouple Sensor :

Monitor temperatures using thermocouples to measure ambient, surface, or fluid temperatures.

Amps Sensor :

Automatically monitor remote currents of any asset.


Already proven in Production.

Scalable & Cost Effective.

100% Open Source.

Support integration of all Industrial Sensors and Control System.

Integration with legacy machines and sensors with / without standard interfaces.

Hadoop Distribution agnostic.

Designed to run on both on-premise and cloud servers.

Secure and reliable data transfer between end devices and servers.

Modular & Scalable platform architecture.

Device Management & Advanced Analytics.

Real Time Monitoring & Enterprise - Grade Security.

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