Our Team

We envision a world in which mundane engineering and business processes are automated. Innovation is our passion, and Autointellians at all levels have the opportunity to be creative and to be challenged.

Global Sales

Our global sales team focuses on marketing and business development, both directly and through our partners. They work closely with our marketing department who ensure our product information reaches to all our stakeholders. Client Managers are the liaisons between clients and automation engineers.

Automation Engineering

Our Automation Engineers balance the need for speed and efficiency with their commitment to quality. Our engineers work closely with our R&D team to produce efficiency for infrastructure service providers. They implement innovations that ultimately make an marked impact on our customers.

Automation Implementation

The automation implementation teams are comprised of engineers and project managers responsible for deploying and implementing AI solutions for our clients. They are responsible for solution architecture, service transitions, change processes, performance engineering, infrastructure design and many more.

Research & Development

Our R & D team is the crux of Autointelli's innovations. Its challenge is to bring breakthrough cognitive solutions and to create cutting edge automation technologies. This team creates machine-learning-based models of language that facilitate the cognitive communication. They overcome the challenges in Natural Language Processing and deep language understanding, and they are passionate about implementing advanced technology in artificial intelligence.


Our Human Resources, Finance and Administration departments are responsible for the core functions that keep Autointelli running smoothly. The HR team recruits and retains potential employees, administers benefits, handles employee relations and manages staff benefits. The Finance department manages billing, payroll, procurement and client and customer inquiries. The administration department manages commercial contracts, intellectual property, corporate governance and employment law.