What is Workflow Orchestration and Why is it Important?

The term Workflow Orchestration may sound complicated and highly technical. But when you boil things down, It’s pretty simple and easy to understand. In this blog, we’ll look deeper into Workflow Orchestration and its benefits.

Most people confuse the term orchestration with Automation. Both the concepts are slightly similar. But Orchestration is different from automation. Automation is the process to automate a single task using RPA bots or programmed scripts, whereas Orchestration is the process to automate the whole process or workflow on one or multiple platforms.

What is Workflow Orchestration?

Workflow Orchestration is defined as the process to automate multiple tasks or a workflow. It automates the configuration, coordination, and management process in the IT environment. According to a report, the workflow orchestration market is expected to grow to $ 51B by the end of 2022 at a CAGR of 29.8%. This report indicates the importance of implementing workflow orchestration in your business.

                Workflow Orchestration helps the IT team to automate repetitive tasks such as incident management, database management, application orchestration, etc thereby allows the IT team to focus on the tasks that matter to their business. Some important benefits of Workflow Orchestration are listed below.

Benefits of adopting Workflow Orchestration in your business:

Centralized Management:

With Workflow Orchestration, the IT teams can automate and manage the tasks across multiple platforms from a single point of control. 

Increase Efficiency

By orchestrating and automating workflows, you can increase the efficiency and productivity of your organization. Thereby helps in saving IT costs to a great extent.

Better cross-department communication

It improves internal and external communication in your organization. This will not only improve the agility but also free up the room for talented engineers to focus on more serious matters.

Reduce Error

Manually performing tasks can lead to an increased number of errors. Workflow Orchestration helps to avoid such errors and helps to improve customer satisfaction.

Reduced product release – cycles

Coordinating workflows allows the IT team to speed up the release of new products and applications. Adopting Workflow orchestration also helps the IT team to integrate new tools faster.

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Hope this article helps you to know about Workflow Orchestration. If you’ve any queries or doubts, please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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