Understanding of Virtual NOC

The global coronavirus pandemic is an unprecedented situation that is creating new challenges for everyone and that includes NOCs. As the pandemic forces more companies to adopt a distributed remote-work model, as a result, it makes ITOps and DevOps adopt multiple ways to retain uptime and consistency in providing digital service. 

But, thanks to AIOps!      

In this pandemic situation, AIOps has been a life savior for many IT industries, by providing access to all business assets remotely.

Before exploring Virtual NOC, let’s discuss NOC!

 A Network Operations Center (NOC) is a location from which IT support technicians can supervise, monitor, and maintain client networks and infrastructure. Because they act as a central nervous system for many organizations, NOCs are typically located in a central physical location.

 Now you’ve got a clear understanding of NOC, Let’s jump into virtual NOC…

Virtual NOC is a permanent solution and it is a key factor for IT organizations which is one of many IT trends that accelerates the current IT crisis. NOC is the place where an enormously large volume of tickets is handled daily so the higher the number of tickets, the tougher it becomes to solve the problems. Since the current situation is very demanding to provide IT support in one roof, by automating NOC the numerous repetitive tasks can be automated and the entire alert management process can be streamlined and improved. Many simple requests like password resets are allowed to be handled by end-users. So that IT professionals can focus on mission-critical tasks. 

Virtual NOC powered by AIOPS will allow the operations team to work anywhere and monitor highly dynamic and complex IT environments during normal times and during the global crisis as it appends all elements of life and work. Some key benefits of Virtual NOC are listed below,

Improve communication

 In the virtual NOC, when an IT staff response to a notification a follow-up will be triggered after a pre-defined time frame. When the issue gets resolved, the incident will be resolved and recovery notification will be shared. If the problem remains open, an automatic alert will be sent to the system administrator for more review and attention.

 Enhanced incident management

 If an incident is raised and a person is available to handle it, there will not be any problem. But if the person is not available or if the person cannot respond on time, the system will automatically assign it to the other person in line. The notifications will be sent in SMS, email, and others to make the process easier.

 Improved insights

Virtual NOC improves tracking and reporting which means the essential data will be available whenever required in a single click. Analytics is applied to identify and develop best practices for greater success and improvement.

Escalation process

 Virtual NOC creates automatic alerts to the designated persons so that they will be in the loop when workflows are created to notify stakeholders about alarming incidents. Furthermore, detailed reports on incident resolution and MTTR will be generated to keep us updated, reduce follow-ups, and manual status reports.

Advantages of Virtual NOC:

  • Wide visibility to all of the various systems an organization manages.
  • Avoid the need for accessing each system independently by gathering. correlating and troubleshooting data.
  • Facilitates to mobilize the right teams at the right time. 
  • It coordinates with incident response processes when operational issues occur.
  • With the visibility features the distributed systems can be routed, correlated, and surfaced without manual interference.

Autointelli AIOps is one complete solution that holds the needs of ITOps and DevOps teams working away from the office. Autointelli AIOps platform provides a single interactive dashboard providing all data that can be operated from anywhere. In addition to this, our platform also provides complete visibility of alerts that matters to your business.

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