Understanding of Service Desk Automation

Do you still manually reset passwords and create accounts? Do you manually unlock accounts and prioritize incidents and service requests?

If you do, you are wasting your time….! 

Research states that the service desk team mostly spends 30% of their time on basic tasks rather than spending time to improve their organization. 

No wonder! It’s true!

The average internal IT team receives nearly 500 support tickets every month. Studies show that it takes 24+ hours to respond to a ticket, which highly affects productivity. Manually doing these tasks is not only cumbersome and time-consuming but can also introduce human error into the process.

That’s why automating your service desk is important!!!

Instead of growing the service desk team and growing the overhead costs, Increase the team’s efficiency by automating the service desk. Automating your service desks helps in reducing the time wasted on basic or tedious tasks.

In this article, we’ll look at service desk automation and how it benefits your organizations in attaining goals.

Let’s dive right in…

Many of you may or may not know about the service desk. First I’ll give a simple definition of service desk, if you’re a professional, Just skip this definition…

Service Desk is defined as the ticket management system that provides a single point of contact between a company and its users. The service desk is the operating arm of the IT departments. Automating your service desk makes the process easier, quicker, and most importantly improves customer satisfaction. The below given are some common requests that can be automated using the service desk,

  • Unlock account
  • Reset password
  • Request access
  • Extended storage capacity
  • Restart a server 
  • Schedule a server restart
  • Create accounts
  • Firewall access and many more….


Improve customer satisfaction:

This benefit is very important to the business and is less tangible. Service desk team performance is measured by how quickly they respond to and resolve issues. By automating the service desk, you can resolve issues quickly, which will greatly improve customer satisfaction. A study from SDI shows that 41% of their IT respondents have said that they see customer satisfaction as their main indicator of success. Success with automation is not only about saving time and money, it’s also about the customer experience.

Skyrocketing productivity:

Automation of mundane and tedious tasks enables the service desk team to focus on more important queries and reduces the team’s frustration. There is a saying that happy employees are productive employees. Research states that switching to automated solutions leads to a 50% or greater increase in productivity. Automating the service desk allows the team to focus on more important queries to resolve, which results in skyrocketing productivity. 

Reduce Costs:

By automating your service desk you can highly reduce the overall costs. A shorter time to process a ticket and minimum staff requirement highly reduce the overall cost incurred per ticket. 

Save time:

Automation helps to resolve issues faster and thus saves time. Automating simple tasks such as user authentication and password resets etc… helps us to save time and enable the team to concentrate on more challenging works. 

In your journey to maximize your returns, automation will always play a big role. So, do automate your service desk with Autointelli.

With Autointelli, the IT service desk works smarter and faster to detect issues and resolve them before it impacts business operations. Autointelli orchestrator plays a crucial role in streamlining the service desk operations in the digital era. It can:

  • Reduce service desk costs through automating common service desk requests. 
  • Corporate policies and processes are always followed. Enhance end-user productivity by fulfilling requests at machine speed. 
  • Improve customer satisfaction through service delivery excellence

Hope this article was helpful! If you’d like to know more information about service desk automation, click here.

To experience the benefits of Service desk automation in your business, Feel free to contact us and talk to our experts today.

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