Understanding Workflow Automation

Are you tired of manual tasks? are you bummed out the entire morning from all the time-consuming, error- prone , expensive mistakes that arise due to something as silly as human inconsistencies?

if this is you , you’ve come to the right place! but don’t succumb just yet ,  let us show you how workflow automation is here to save the day!

So what is workflow automation and how does it help you ?

Workflow automation takes cares of the essentials that usually tend to crumble when done on a repetitive basis, let me be more professional, Workflow automation is defining a series of tasks to complete a process while eradicating all the manual steps. The entire process is automated and carried out in a very orchestrated and subtle manner, the primary goal here is to eliminate the need for manual intervention, sorry support staff ,but the software’s just better!.

So how does it help your business?

As discussed above workflow automation orchestrates a series of tasks and relieves you from the burden of manual processes , workflow automation software literally liberates all departments from manual intervention, errors in processes , system failures and other issues .

Let’s have a look at how workflow automation helps each department of your organization fend better.

Human Resources
  • Drastically reduces paperwork
  • Source, verify & recruit candidates faster with the benefit of  automated approval
  • compliance regulations for all processes
  • Improve workflow visibility & efficiency
  • Provides swifter onboarding/off boarding experience


  • Simplified document management
  •  Saves time on approval processing
  •  Schedules auto-payments for recurring invoices
  • Creates a smart payroll management system
  • Integrate data with other accounting software
  •  Delegate repetitive, menial, time consuming and error prone tasks to the system.
  •  Collaborate and work with on workflows with teammates in multiple locations
  • Ensure all content gets approved by the right eyes
  • follow up with quality leads
  • Autopilot multiple campaigns
  • Monitor them from a unified dashboard


  • Simplify list building by standardizing the process
  •  All leads get the same priority
  •  Never miss a lead
  •  Get insightful report and analysis on ongoing processes
  • Send contextual greeting & promotional emails
Information Technology
  • Assign tickets and escalations to available team members
  •  Avoid duplicate support requests
  •  Confirm scheduled updates throughout the organization
  • Manage assets
  • Track usage trends


Workflow automation numbers to prove the point :

  • By early 2027 healthcare and pharmaceutical industry is estimated to generate a revenue of more that USD $900 million
  • Automation can perform seamlessly up to 20%of the CEPO’s current responsibilities and tasks
  • Small and medium enterprises are expected to adopt business workflow automation on a large scale, creating a market of opportunity of more than US$ 1,600 million between 2017-2026. This in turn generates revenue many folds more leading to greater performance and growth in the long run.
  • 60% of business processes can save 30% their time and resources just by implementing workflow automation.
  • Some tasks that could be performed by workflow automation include generating sales leads, approving paperwork, and processing documents. This saves so much time and effort for the organization
  • The 20% – 30% loss that stems from inefficient process errors can be curbed through the workflow automation process.


Workflow automation process elaboration

A workflow automation process begins with a clear objective and ends at process evaluation. the process is broadly classified into 5 steps.

  • Identify a repetitive process
  • Define goals
  • Train the team
  • Design the workflow
  • Measure KPIs and ROIs


The main purpose of workflow automation is to improve efficiency , reduce errors , prevents manual intervention and as a whole be done with the tasks in a much greater capability. This is exactly achieved through the implementation of the above 5 steps

Let us help you automate your tasks and make your life easier with our all inclusive SOAP based platform , IntelliFlow . Autointelli’s Intelliflow is a Business Process Orchestration platform that reduces the amount of time, money and effort spent by businesses by introducing automation, validation, and workflows wherever appropriate.

Autointelli is expertise in orchestration and automation solutions for various domains and industries. Intelliflow platform orchestrates and controls the execution of business processes across a hybrid IT environment.

 our platform provides a unified view of all components in the infrastructure, rather than as a set of applications and databases. By orchestrating the business process, you can able to manage the process even outside the enterprise. With the Intelliflow platform, business people can define what they want, easily but with a high degree of precision, and establish intercommunication within the infrastructure.

I hope we’ve embedded as much knowledge and information with regards to workflow automation and how it helps your business . we hope to serve you at www.autointelli.com with the at most priority and care. Join the business revolution by integrating process orchestration and workflow automation with us using the ready to serve you, Intelliflow.