Introducing the Autointelli SaaS platform

The Need for agility

The present business scenario requires you to be ready to meet the constant changes in your business. To meet the agility, you need to deliver workflow applications in a rapid manner. The digital workflows connect with people, data, and systems with complete visibility to end and end processes with engaging experiences for employees, partners, and customers.

The Autointelli solution

The Autointelli SaaS platform is a cloud-based enterprise solution that is ready to be integrated with your existing applications. It helps to manage the automation activities and resources in one place. This Platform can be deployed into service and expanded based on your business need at any time. You can access licenses, manage orchestration services, run jobs, administer user access and services, create a schedule, and do other extraordinary things in one centralized and secured location on the cloud.


Quick and Effortless startup experience

You can just access the orchestrator by entering the URL and sign in to your cloud account without any setup. Being the enterprise customer, you may not require downloading the entire package and installing orchestrator and follow the instructions.

Low cost

Being an enterprise, you no longer need to invest in a dedicated IT infrastructure for automation. Therefore it lowers the cost of ownership. We also perform installation, setup, and other configurations for your services.  You don’t need to perform dedicated IT efforts to manage on-premise orchestration servers.


This platform allows collaboration or teamwork to manage the access rights for each service.

Create workflow

 You can create your workflow and deploy it in the cloud and start using the workflow.

Access to new functionalities

You can access the functionalities and features from the cloud instantly.

Keep track of the changes

You will never lose track of the happening on your cloud account and all membership changes.

About Autointelli

Autointelli Systems Private Limited provides AIOps platform and solutions to automate IT infrastructure. Their platform offers features such as incident auto-heal, root cause analysis, self-service automation, root cause analysis, analytics, and host discovery and dependency mapping. Their platform is available as a complete suite and also as IntelliOPs and IntellifFow platform that automates event management and auto-remediation and workflow automation respectively. Their solutions are hybrid IT monitoring, event management and correlation, analytics, auto-remediation, discovery and dependency mapping, and IT automation and orchestration. They also develop customized use cases for their custom requirements.

To experience the benefits of SaaS automation in your business, talk to our infrastructure experts today.

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