How AIOps support IT service desk remote work amid pandemic COVID-19?

The IT service desk is largely affected when there is a sudden transition from centralized office spaces to a remote work environment. The organization faces the biggest challenge in providing remote access to their centralized IT resources and networks to employees. This transition requires several different approaches including endpoint security, troubleshooting systems of IT service desk teams and allocating multiple shifts to accommodate work demands.

Despite all these efforts, organizations face enormous IT incidents; their customers are mostly stressed as they cannot access their applications effectively. Their incidents have been increased 11 times since they started working remotely. Priorities of DevOps teams have changed amid pandemic crisis as they are in a situation to help the IT service desk teams to order the chaos.

 How AIOps help the enterprise amid the pandemic crisis?

AIOps or Artificial Intelligence for IT operations help drastically to reduce the number of tickets and alerts received by the service desk team as they face during the remote work transition. AIOps tool allows adding user-defined tags so that when a ticket arises, you will receive an enriched data set to resolve the ticket. It also obtains additional data points and adds them to the tickets.

Reduce event volumes

Overwhelming IT noise will be the biggest challenge for IT teams; many modern software generate enormous data which could be tedious to analyze. This may result in several issues to enterprises including availability issues and risks in taking digital initiatives.

AIOps cuts the noise, consolidates data from different sources into a single repository. It reduces the volume of tickets and provides insightful analytics to wade through. It also correlates events to reduce noise and provide enriched alerts. This process saves time for IT service desk teams and also helps to track the events that had impacted customer experience.

Predicts issues ahead of time                                                                

Server downtime is completely unacceptable for enterprises according to Gartner, the average downtime costs $5,600 for a second but this amount may vary based on the business type. The business-critical applications cannot afford for service-disruptions. AIOps anomaly detection predicts problems and understands trends. It performs root cause analysis or orchestrates and automatically fixes issues through automated workflows. This helps IT teams to analyze the issue before it affects the customer experience and they can have a trust that their environment being monitored perfectly and effectively.

Automate IT infrastructure

 AIOps breaks down the silos and provides a comprehensive overview of the entire IT infrastructure; it collaborates with the entire system and provides valuable insights that deliver competitive business advantage with streamlined operations and service. AIOps can categorize similar incidents and take automated action to solve the incidents at once it is identified. This drastically reduces Mean Time To Detect (MTTD) and Mean Time To Repair (MTTR).

About Autointelli AIOps Platform

Autointelli AIOps platform is a duo of AI and ML algorithms which is featured with event management and correlation, anomaly detection, root cause analysis, HDDM, IT automation and orchestration and alert enrichment. It ensures the smooth running of operations, reduces MTTR, improves operational efficiency, minimizes workload and prevents application slowdown and server downtime and enhances time to value ratio. Our product is used by customers across the world. Reach us to overcome amid pandemic crisis effectively without affecting your business performance.