How AIOps resolve service desk problems?

Today’s IT infrastructure is accumulated with enormous monitoring tools that alert when things go wrong in servers, applications, and switches. Despite all these efforts and investments, enterprises end up in not solving problems fast enough and often result in disrupting customer experiences.  

An ideal IT service desk needs to overcome the following challenges to cut down its service interruptions:

  •  Numerous requests from various channels 
  •  Recurring issues 
  •  One single outage can create enormous tickets
  •  Many alerts are sent to the issues that have been solved 
  •  Duplicated alerts as service desk and monitoring tools are not integrated 

Since these noises create a major headache for the service desk team, you can simply solve it using the right AIOps tool. AIOps platform makes use of big data, machine language, and advanced analytics to improve the IT operations including monitoring, automation, and service desk operations proactively with dynamic insights. The core elements of AIOps consists of machine learning, anomaly detection, predictive analytics, root cause analysis, event management, self-service automation.

Enterprises can solve and make the problem less severe by using the right AIOps tool. With an effective AIOps tool, you can experience the following advantages:

  • Auto detect problems 
  • Find underlying root causes 
  • Identifies the business impact of the problems 
  • Reduce ticket volumes 
  • Reduce IT noise 
  • Reduce Mean time to detect and Mean Time to Repair 

Before choosing the AIOps platform, you need to find the reason for implementing it. What do you want to achieve with the AIOps platform:

  •  To reduce alert noise
  •  To resolve problems
  •  Predict and resolve problems 

Whatever tool you choose, it’s essential to consider the following factors:

  •  Whether you can trust the tool
  •  Easy to adopt, learn and access 
  •  Easily integrates with your existing tools 
  •  Drive more time to value 

About Autointelli AIOps platform 

Autointelli AIOps platform is built for industries that run data centers. With a duo of AI and powerful machine learning algorithms, our platform correlates similar events together and creates alerts then it initiates and updates tickets by running suitable virtual bots. We take the risk out of your business with advanced root cause analysis and alert enrichment techniques. Our platform quickly solves your incidents, prevent outages, and enhance time to value ratio.