How AIOps drive the digital transformation of data center management?

What is data center?

The data center is a centralized location that houses business applications and data; it is purposed for storing, processing, distributing large volumes of data. The data center is designed based on the computing and storage resources that help in delivering stored data and applications. The components of the data center include network infrastructure – external connectivity to end-user locations, storage infrastructure – storage systems and computing resources including memory, local storage and more. 

Some of the data center challenges include:

  • Organizing new technologies and applications that are being added
  • Tracking whether the applications are running effectively across different infrastructure  
  • Maintaining uptime 
  • Utilizing the capacity 
  • Managing power usage and reducing costs 
  • Safeguarding data against threats
  • Monitoring real-time

How AIOps helps in improving data center management?

AIOps treats the growing complexity of the data center by managing resources, enhance user experience and detect threats. Since AIOps is a combination of artificial intelligence and visualization, enterprises can leverage it for a wide range of data center operations including automating administrative tasks, reducing inessential alerts, detecting anomalies and streamline various data center operations. An AIOps solution can help the IT teams in different scenarios and deliver results in the early stages of implementation. 

Data center professionals experience enormous alerts and operational threats every day. To streamline their operations, the data center professionals should get to the bottom of the problem and minimize potential issues. This situation is where AIOps come into play; this tool collects information from different data sets such as log files, monitoring tools, and other applications. With advanced machine learning algorithm, this application analyzes the data and identify patterns, detect anomalies, identify potential threats, and checks out the root causes of potential problems. It also provides end to end visibility of your data center environment that helps to track the metrics and aids to maintain the overall health of your data center.

 How to implement AIOps?

To maximize the efficiency of AIOps, you need to be strategic while implementing it. There are four techniques that you should adopt to maximize ROI with AIOps tools.

Find your goals 

Before implementing the AIOps platform have a goal in your mind. People who have clear goals will get the chance to achieve success with the AIOps tool than those who fail to take the targeted approach. 

Users should understand what they want to accomplish with AIOps. You may have many reasons to choose an AIOps platform which includes reducing alerts that affect application performance, identifying threats that may damage your data center and more. Keeping your goals clear and effective will help to keep track of the progress and align everyone at the same pace.

Perform the groundwork 

AIOps offer excellent automation capabilities but ensure it must be implemented in a solid environment. In sense network monitoring tools, server monitoring tools and others should be running smoothly before you introduce AIOps into your environment. If these tools are in place, you can generate invaluable insights with the steady flow of data  

Start slowly and evolve big

Before implementing the AIOps platform, the data center professionals should know what the tool is, what they offer and how they function. To make this transition smoother, prefer the modest AIOps implementation to help your team to become familiar with how the AIOps tools work in your data center.     

Keep track of its progress and modify as required  

Keep track of the performance of AIOps tools and ensure whether it is functioning as intended and helping your team to meet the performance benchmarks. Since each data center is different, every AIOps platform must be designed to suit your specific requirements and your specific environment. 


With an intelligent AIOps platform, you can experience the following benefits:

  • Real-time monitoring and reporting
  • Capacity planning and management 
  • Increased uptime and sustainable performance 
  • High efficiency and reduce costs
  • Host discovery and dependency mapping 

Autointelli AIOps platform provides a holistic transformation of data center and IT operations using its advanced features including event correlation, auto-remediation, self-service automation, root cause analysis, analytics, process orchestration, and workflow automation to offer automation in all elements of IT operations.