Self - Service Automation

Automate your complex IT operations without technical assistance

Autointelli self-service automation allows you to provide services for both technical users and business users; it integrates with all major infrastructure and cloud. By enabling fully automated systems, you can reduce the number of tickets. With shift left method, you can experience quality and speed in development, flexibility in operations and quick and effective service delivery.

" Benefits of
Self - Service Automation "

Improves quality

With a less manual process, you can experience services with improved quality standard quality and minimize the number of tickets.


The workflows created will easily adopted with the development and provide increased automation across the business environment.


It seamlessly integrates with all major tools used in your organization.


The catalog has a list of workflows created using JBPM toolkit to automate complex business processes and decisions.

Autointelli AIOps provides predefined workflows created based on your enterprise needs that can be executed within your multi-tenant environment.

These workflows are differentiated based on operating systems to make your work easier.

These predefined workflows include business processes, case management, business rules, and business optimization.

Self-service automation allows you to create a customized workflow with drag and drop design.

As the application supports multiple programming languages, you can insert the script in bash, power shell, and Java.

All the created workflows are sent for user approval.

The approved workflows are listed under the catalog.

The created workflows are sent for user approval. Workflows that are edited after execution will be sent again for approval.