Root Cause Analysis

Detect underlying issues and create positive customer experiences

Root cause analysis is the process of determining the underlying cause of problems in hardware and software. There may be many causes for a problem and you cannot identify the obvious cause of the problem. For example, there may be many reasons for application slowdown such as poor code, issues in the operating system, and the like.

Leveraging AIOps to Ease Root Cause Analysis

To overcome the difficulty in root cause analysis in the modern environment, AIOps plays a significant role. By applying machine learning algorithms, we map the complex architecture with casual relations. AIOps goes deep down into the root of the problem or available problems more quickly than manual analysis. Having Autointelli AIOps in place we will improve the capabilities of root cause analysis.

What are the factors considered to find the root cause?

It detects how business services are affected by issues

Correlates metrics, data logs, events and anomalies to find underlying issues

Leverage analytics to find the root cause

Tracks the event patterns of application to find the root cause


Understand the cause of business impact

Reduce MTTR

Improves automation

A better choice to pinpoint the root cause to escalate to the appropriate level