Insightful analytics to keep track of your business performance

Autointelli AIOps analytics automatically detects all business areas and reduce enormous events into minimal alerts that solve the emergency problem and regularize business operations.

How does Autointelli AIOps analytics work?

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“Whatever may be the issue, our system will alert you according to its significance along with the information required to resolve at a faster rate.”

It seamlessly integrates with major data sources in one centralized platform, thereby it monitors server data, APIs and business transactions. Our platform monitors anomalies in the data and ensures you are alerted on time.

Each incident is categorized according to its significance. All similar events and metrics are correlated. Any critical issue that occurs in your IT environment can be detected by running our root cause analysis feature. It significantly reduces the time taken to understand how the problem occurs, why it occurred and where it occurred.

When misguided alerts are provided for critical incidents, it may impact customer experience, brand reputation, revenue loss. Autointelli AIOps analytics helps to find and fix the incidents quicker than humans. By reducing the time to detection and resolution, your team can focus on tasks that enhance business performance.

We perform endless monitoring on the irregularities in the data and reach out immediately when a critical issue arises.

It correlates data from all systems and checkpoints to investigate the root cause easily.

As Autointelli AIOps analytics monitors the data in real-time, it notifies the issue on time before it affects customer experience.

Intelligent interface with excellent self-service UX that covers all your insights in one place.