About Us

Artificial Intelligence in IT Operations Management.

Autointelli allows businesses to offload IT operations, and instead; permits them to focus more on their core business. Our Managed Services maximize the potential of IT infrastructure management with a reliable, structured and standardized approach.

Machine learning

Autointelli enables IT to move from rule-based, human management of analysis to machine-assisted analysis and machine learning systems. This is required not only because of limits to the amount and complexity of analysis human agents can achieve, but also to enable a level of change adaptation that hasn't been possible.

IT analytics is ultimately about pattern matching. IT systems, users and ecosystems exhibit behaviors and relationships that can point to root causes, isolate issues, and indicate future problems. Machine learning applies the computational power and speed of machines to the discovery and correlation of patterns in IT data. It does this more and faster than human agents and dynamically changes the algorithms used by analytics based on changes in the data.

Cognitive Automation & Orchestration

Autointelli connects and drives automation in the hyper-complex, multi-source cloud environment. Delivering machine-assisted analytics at scale on high volumes of digital IT data is useless if the outcomes still require human intervention. Autointelli can generate workflows and measure the effects of those processes, feeding the results back into the system as data to be analyzed and learned from. Additionally, Autointelli should be applied by the system automatically based on the data, without the need for user intervention and decision.

Scalability & Speed

Digital transformation means high volumes of rapidly changing IT data. Traditional relational data warehouses are neither scalable nor responsive enough to support the quantity and speed of digital data. Analysis needs to take place in real-time on data as it comes in – not only offline when resources are available.

An AI big data platform must also support responsive ad-hoc data exploration and deep queries. Big data technologies, originally created to handle large data lakes from data warehouses, have rapidly evolved into not just scalable but responsive data manipulation engines that can meet the needs of IT Operations. Autointelli represents the unification of deep data research and online, real-time analytics to elevate IT decision making.