Autointelli, an Artificial Intelligence Company, is very noticeable due to its phenomenal mixture of Artificial Intelligence Systems and specialist staff. These unique combinations bring a technological breakthrough solutions and services to market that transform business models.

We specialize in Cognitive Automation and Orchestration Technology applied to IT operations. Our product called Autointelli, creates and controls Virtual Automation Engineers that perform end-to-end operational processes across all IT stacks, servers, mainframes, storage, networks, virtualized environments, help desks, end-user computing, and applications operations.


Autointelli enables outcomes for customers through its orchestration, autonomic and cognitive solutions.

Our team has a complete knowledge of how to leverage those technologies for business outcomes.

Our virtual automation engineers can be scaled to meet any required business bandwidth. They deliver high performance and predictable efficiency every day


Autointelli delivers consistent cost reductions averaging over 30 percent. Autointelli ensures that its service costs to customers are stable and delivered at a flat monthly recurring value with little to no variable component. Unlike labor-linked models that may fluctuate based on wage escalation and the cost of benefits associated with attracting and retaining staff, Autointelli’s service-based approach provides customers with stable internal costs throughout the term of the engagement.


Autointelli offers a number of different pricing structures. For IT operations these include a monthly subscription for specified infrastructure or customized tiered pricing. We offer flexibility, predictable expenditure, and the ability to reduce capital risk associated with large implementation. Autointelli offers all these structures to support infrastructure both in customer data centers or hosted in co-located facilities.


We offer industry leading mean times to respond of < 5 minutes average on all service transactions. We execute strict service level agreements with meaningful financial penalties.


Manual processes are prone to human error. Reasonably unessential manual tasks suffer an error rate of 10 percent. The automated error rate is nearly zero percent.

Most organizations’ measures of quality of service delivery are highly subjective and focus on measuring only the output of the service delivery process, not the contributing inputs. Autointelli consistently tunes every aspect of the inputs to ensure highly consistent outputs. Autointelli’s services enable clients to improve quality of service to their customers by more than 50 percent in quantifiable categories.


Our IT infrastructure solution allows customers to detect issues before they become outages. Customers receive comprehensive monitoring information important to their infrastructure environment.


With Autointelli induced infrastructure management, customers can scale far more efficiently - service delivery scaling is increasingly separate from human resource scaling factors.


We provide complete transparency into IT operations through Autointelli. Autointelli provides a real-time, full view of all IT management functions. Our customers are then able to identify with great accuracy the direct links between operations and business activities and make informed decisions regarding what changes are required to drive business advantage.

Unique Advantages

Most Autointelli clients have every tool imaginable for monitoring, ticketing, CMDB, scripts, etc. Autointelli is unique for several reasons

End-to-End Processes

Runs end-to-end processes without human intervention.


They get smarter by “watching” your best engineers solve problems.

Absorb High Volumes

Manage escalating device volume in the Internet of Things more efficiently than possible with manual processes.

90-day Time to Value

Autointelli can be up and running delivering value in 90 days, providing out of the box efficiencies starting at 35%.


Agile iterative design enables IT managers to stay up with an accelerating velocity of change in IT operations.


Tactical and strategic views of each managed component across all layers, in real time.


Autointelli is used by global companies that operate IT with their own internal staff and they operate Autointelli as they do other types of technology.

For companies that have outsourced some or all of their IT, use of Autointelli requires collaboration with the ITO provider. This can be a win/win for the company and the ITO provider. Companies can see a 25% to 30% reduction in ITO labor fees, and the ITO provider can reduce delivery costs and improve quality.

The outsourced company works with its ITO provider to ensure that automation is incorporated into the renewal bid. In some instances, the outsourcing agreement allows for innovations that lowers costs (and fees) during the contract term. Autointelli has deep experience with this and we can discuss options with your company is this scenario is right for your company.



"If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time."

-- Steve Jobs --








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