The Power Of Artificial Intelligence

Next Generation IT Operations Automation

Today's Business Needs an Evolution in IT Operations

Autointelli bridges the operational divide with powerful integrations to streamline troubleshooting, incident response/resolution and automation workflows.

Artificial intelligence is the brain of an intelligent IT Operations. Powered by machine learning, it enables IT teams to automatically analyze large volumes of digital data-making it easier to solve hard problems. It elevates IT operations by automatically applying proactive and predictive insights. This ensures high performing IT environments and drives better decisions and actions.

Integrate your tools and workflows to simplify, automate and improve your team's ability to operate and collaborate. Collaborate with business leaders to make more informed decisions, solve problems faster and efficiently drive data-led outcomes. Master how you aggregate, analyze, correlate and use data with a modern platform to operationalize your insights

The best way for IT to innovate is to operate with intelligence.


Reactive to Proactive

Proactively detects different patterns from the environment that helps in improving system efficiency and avoids outages.

Transform service delivery

It is critical for Enterprises to maintain reliability and performance of their customer systems as they grow and expand their business. Machine learning capability helps in learning the needs and recommends technology upgrades required in the landscape

Resolve problems automatically

Machine learning techniques are used to understand the root cause for an event and expedites resolution time by using log analytics based on the context of the event. Automated workflows help in automatically resolving high-impact issues.



Our expertise with global clients and in-depth knowledge base has led us to develop framework and toolkits, that enable us to adopt the right-fit approach and deploy industry best practices. We ensure excellence in datacenter service delivery through effective utilization of our global footprint and our team members both present at offshore and onsite..


Autointelli already provides comprehensive end user services to many organizations globally. We provide 24x7x365 security incident management through ongoing monitoring of activity, events and bring in years of experience in service desk, enabling flexible and scalable engagement models in line with client's business needs.


Our platform for Network Operations Center is driven by predictive analytics in automation platforms, seamless integration with existing monitoring tools, and intuitive dashboards. Our value proposition is reduction of alerts through predictive analytics, with 40% incidence automated which provide multi-technology stack support.