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What is Happening in Business Today ?

Digital Transformations Banner

Digital Transformations

Multiple Siloed Teams Banner

Multiple Siloed Teams

Public Cloud Adoption Banner

Public Cloud Adoption

Process Automation Banner

Process Automation

DevOps Culture Banner

DevOps Culture

Increased Remote Work Banner

Increased Remote Work

Organizations are trying to find multiple ways and means to make their Applications and Business Services always "ON"

Autointelli Platform for Real Time Operations

Autointelli Platform for Real Time Operations Banner

Do not just do on-call schedules, Become an Automation powerhouse.

Analyze, Act and Resolve issues when it matters

Proactively Managed Infra Banner

Proactively Managed Infra

Send Mission critical events and alerts from multiple different sources

Simple and Easy integrations with API, Email, Command line, etc.

Create Custom Policies and Event Filters to reduce noise and suppress alerts.

Single window operation.

Total EYES on the Glass.

Knowledge Base Driven IT Incident Response Banner

Knowledge Base Driven IT Incident Response

Powerful policy engine to map the alerts.

Extract Alert data through powerful Regular Expressions.

Create customized Runbooks and IT Process automation flows.

Audit every action and create digital knowledge base.

CI Remoting & Recording Banner

CI Remoting & Recording

Capable of Login to RDP, SSH and Telnet enabled systems remotely with one touch.

Get Access to the affected CI's literally from anywhere in the planet.

Record every action performed by the User and tag it to an incident.

Playback Recordings and create a video knowledge base.

Perform audits and playback all the recordings for a given CI.

Preventive Service Maintenance Banner

Preventive Service Maintenance

Design multi step workflows using a simple Drag & Drop Workflow and form designer.

Easily execute commands and complex scripts in local or remote systems.

Create approvals when needed and execute actions post approval.

Monitor the workflow executions graphically.

ROI Dashboard to track the progress.

There is a Solution for every team

Do not let your application slowdown impacts your business. Align Autointelli according to your environment and achieve trailblazing results.

IT Incident Management Banner

Noise Reduction through Event Filters

Event Suppression

L1 Break fix through automated Triage System.

Remote to Affected Servers, Record and Playback every action.

Run Pre-Built and Custom Bots for Every Incidents.

IT Service Requests Banner

Reduce Repetitive and Mundane Activities.

Manual Effort Reduction through Service Orchestration.

Automate the whole of ITSM Service Requests and Change tickets.

Create Self Serviceable Knowledge Portals.

24 / 7 Automated Ticket Response.

Devops & SRE's Banner

Automated flows ensure faster application delivery.

Simple Drag and Drop Form and Workflow Designer.

Co-Ordinate information across systems with in built integrations.

Integrate collaboration channels to notify issues.

Managed Service Providers Banner

Manage Alerts in Real time across various Customers centrally.

One touch Troubleshooting steps for Faster MTTR.

Remote Console to Servers without remembering IP, Username and Passwords.

Create Personalized views for each Client.

Security Incident Response Banner

Faster incident response with real time alerts.

Create and run security workflows seamlessly.

Tighten the security response through automated procedures.

Run Automated security health checks and provide End to End Visibility.


Integrate with a wide range of tools and bring all critical incident data into one platform. Does Your Tool send Email, Run Custom Commands or Call Web URL's that is all we need.

API Banner


Email Banner


Command Line Banner

Command Line

Monitoring Systems Banner

Monitoring Systems

Why Autointelli Wins ?

Built for real time Banner

Built for real time

Automate the whole of ITOPS and not just Incidents Banner

Automate the whole of ITOPS and not just Incidents

Total eyes on the glass Banner

Total eyes on the glass

Secure, Reliable and Scalable Banner

Secure, Reliable and Scalable

On-Prem or SaaS Banner

On-Prem or SaaS

Easy Integrations and NO ADDON's Banner

Easy Integrations and NO ADDON's

Autointelli Engagement Model

Demo Banner


Product Capabilities & Synergy Exploration.

POC Banner


Try Autointelli at your own environment with our complete support.

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Deploy the Solution and Start Automating.

Ready for next level ? Banner

Ready for next level ?

Achieve your IT Operations results that you always dreamt of with Autointelli on your side. Right from POC to Kick-OFF, We are on your side !!!

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A winning streak for Autointelli.

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